Earning the Refer a Friend Bonus

Not every online casino bonus is given for players depositing their money. Some casinos extend bonuses to players for referring other friends to the website. The Refer a Friend bonus is an incredibly popular online casino bonus and can result in free cash for both the person who referred and the person who followed the referral.

How the Bonus Works

There are a few ways that the Refer a Friend bonus works, and the details of each bonus depend on the individual casino. However, there are a few commonalities across referral bonuses. Players are given a link or promotional code that they can send to their friends. When friends follow this link or sign in with the code, a credit is issued to the player to whom the code is assigned. If the friend fails to enter in the code when signing up, the casino has no way of knowing how the friend got to the website and cannot issue the bonus.

Using the Bonus

The Refer a Friend bonus can take a few forms. Some casinos will issue a credit to the referring player's account. This credit can be withdrawn and used as cash in whatever way the player chooses. Other casinos may offer sticky bonuses, giving the referring friend a certain number of casino credits, with which they can play any game of their choosing, but cannot withdraw the cash. Any winnings won with these credits, though, are rightly treated as cash, and the player can withdraw them.

Players should always read the fine print to know what terms and conditions surround the Refer a Friend bonus. However, if they like their casino, there's no reason not to refer a friend to play there too.