Online Casino Bonus Types

There are several types of bonuses that players can earn while playing games in online casinos. A bonus can be defined as a sum of money provided to a player via various means that goes above and beyond the standard payouts associated with casino games.

Signup Bonus

A signup bonus is generally a one-time offer provided to new online casino patrons. In some cases, it is simply free money that players can use to try out various casino games. Other times, players may receive a huge boost to their first deposits--sometimes as much as 1000%.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is one in which a player is rewarded for making a deposit into their online casino account. Casinos often offer a percentage of the deposit--between 50% and 200%--up to a certain amount.

Comp Points

Comp points are extremely exciting and relatively rare in the world of online casinos. Players accumulate these as they place wagers and they can be used to purchase free spins or multipliers or they can even be exchanged for real money.

Happy Hours

Happy Hour promotions are designed to increase the number of players in an online casino during certain times of the day. During these events, players can expect even larger bonuses, contests for free money or even free spins when they make a minimum deposit.


Not everyone considers a jackpot a bonus, but that is exactly its purpose. Players cannot do anything to force this bonus to come to them other than play associated games and keep Lady Luck on their side.

Sporting Events and Holiday Promotions

Casinos understand the popularity of certain sporting events and holidays, so they often offer plenty of bonuses during the World Cup, the Olympic Games and even on Christmas. Players should simply take advantage of these limited-time offers by reviewing the casino's current promotions.


Finally, players can participate in tournaments in games like blackjack, poker and even slots for a chance at earning more money. Any cash won is certainly a bonus!

Online casinos are notorious for providing numerous bonuses to their patrons. Players should be sure to read any terms and conditions associated with bonuses carefully before accepting them.